Bright Year Ahead for Solar in the Sunshine State

Those who are interested in participating in the roll-out of solar power in Florida have reason to be optimistic heading into the New Year. Here are a few of the salient developments:

  • The legislature is poised to implement a commonsense property tax exemption for solar equipment;
  • National solar installers have recently been locating operations in the state; and
  • Florida utilities are taking steps to add substantial amounts of solar to their portfolios.

The United States is experiencing a record-breaking wave of solar installations, and Florida is poised to expand its participation in the new year. Continue reading “Bright Year Ahead for Solar in the Sunshine State”

Competing Solar Construction Liens: Vesting & Priorities

Developers of utility-scale solar photovoltaic construction projects are starting to add Florida projects to their pipelines, and Florida solar construction activity is projected to pick up in 2017 and thereafter. This will continue a trend that began in 2015 with nearly a gigawatt of announced solar projects by Florida’s investor-owned utilities.

Solar construction projects involve a plethora of competing interests: The tax equity investor, the lender, the EPC contractor, engineers, equipment vendors, and electrical and mechanical subcontractors are all competing for limited funds meant to be exchanged for labor, services, and materials.[1] In an ideal world, there are enough funds to pay the full value of all claims for work, services, and materials furnished. However, this is not always the case and is a main reason why Florida has such an in-depth statutory scheme governing construction liens and other claims to funds. As such, this article intends to address the basic vesting and priorities among competing liens on solar construction projects. Continue reading “Competing Solar Construction Liens: Vesting & Priorities”