FMPA Solar Survey Results Reveal Opportunity for Utility-Sourced Solar


The Florida Municipal Power Agency (“FMPA”) held a public meeting on Thursday, February 16, in which the agency shared the results of a solar survey conducted among the residential electric customers of ten of the city utilities that are FMPA members.[1]

Michael Vigeant, CEO of Great Blue Research, presented the survey results to the FMPA board. The survey found that 71.7% of surveyed residents saw the need for solar, citing solar’s environmental and economic advantages. Continue reading “FMPA Solar Survey Results Reveal Opportunity for Utility-Sourced Solar”

Florida’s Solar Market: The Sleeping Giant is Awakening


The year 2016 was a good year for solar power, both nationally and in Florida. The total amount of installed U.S. solar power generating capacity nearly doubled in a single year from an already impressive 7.5 gigawatts of capacity added to the grid in 2015 to over 14.6 gigawatts in 2016.

Florida participated in solar power’s national success by adding 1,700 solar jobs, building utility-scale solar farms, engaging in robust commercial and industrial solar installation activity, achieving favorable outcomes on two constitutional referenda, and positioning itself to make further progress throughout 2017. Florida’s solar market, which had long been a sleeping giant among U.S. solar markets, is now awakening. Continue reading “Florida’s Solar Market: The Sleeping Giant is Awakening”