Shumaker’s solar law practice is tailored to developing and constructing commercial and utility-scale solar photovoltaic systems, as well as developing and manufacturing solar technology.

Our experienced lawyers have a deep knowledge of the areas of law that matter most to the solar industry. Whether you are an investor, lender, EPC contractor, installer, or manufacturer, we partner with you every step of the way to make your solar project a reality.

As solar power claims an ever-growing share of electric power-generation across the United States and Latin America, the commercial and regulatory landscape surrounding this industry is continually changing, and Shumaker is at the forefront of the latest in solar project development, financing, and construction.

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Our Clients

  • Tax equity, venture capital, and other key investors
  • Lending institutions
  • Power purchasers, including utilities and corporations
  • Independent power producers, developers, and FERC qualifying facility owners
  • EPC contractors
  • Engineering firms
  • Subcontractors, including electrical and mechanical scopes
  • Module, inverter, and balance-of-system innovators and manufacturers

Why You Benefit

Our solar-specific experience and relationships within the industry enable us to address in an expeditious and efficient manner the concerns that affect your project, driving down your cost-per-watt and maximizing your return on investment.

Core Services

Our lawyers collaborate closely with you in each of your solar construction project’s key areas:

  • Initial feasibility
  • Due diligence and risk management, including site acquisition, title, environmental, zoning, and entitlement review and analysis
  • Risk management
  • Project finance, including venture capital funding
  • Forming the project-level entity and assisting with subsequent mergers and acquisitions
  • Planning for federal, state, and local taxation
  • Obtaining environmental permits
  • Obtaining zoning approvals and land-use entitlements
  • Transmission and distribution-level interconnection
  • PPA drafting, review, and negotiation
  • Construction contract review, drafting, and negotiation for EPC contractors and installers
  • Assistance with construction issues, liens, and labor and employment disputes

Our intellectual property practice assists inventors of renewable energy technologies and construction methodologies, and our Chambers-ranked corporate practice regularly handles mergers and acquisitions.  We draw on our solar industry experience to provide general counsel representation on the full range of matters that affect solar companies, including employment law, corporate finance, real estate, taxation, and commercial litigation, as well as solar construction liens and litigation.