Here’s a Look at What We’re Reading Today

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New Solar Laws Expected to Boost Florida Commercial Installations

Since Fort Lauderdale-based Advance Solar & Spa installed the 120 commercial LG 72-cell solar panels, at 335 watts each in April, Mahmoudi estimates he is saving $800 to $1,000 a month in electricity costs. Plus, guests at the New Sun Gate have also made favorable comments about Mahmoudi’s decision to use solar power. Continue reading “Here’s a Look at What We’re Reading Today”

Clearing the Path for More Solar in the Sunshine State

In the August 30th primary election, Florida voters approved Amendment 4, granting the Florida Legislature’s request for authority to exempt the value of solar improvements from commercial property taxes.

Now that the Legislature has that authority, the people of Florida will look to the Legislature to promptly implement the exemption in the 2017 General Session.

The passage of Amendment 4 further accelerates the already dizzying drop in solar prices. Continue reading “Clearing the Path for More Solar in the Sunshine State”