Unprecedented Solar Push Means Sunshine State May Live Up to Its Name

Solar Push“For years, solar energy has been an ironic afterthought in the Sunshine State, particularly among utilities keen on pursuing natural gas, nuclear and legacy coal options for power. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), a Washington-D.C.-based nonprofit, considers Florida as having the third-highest potential for solar energy. But with just over 700 megawatts installed, the state ranks at No. 13 nationally for current solar capability.” Continue reading “Unprecedented Solar Push Means Sunshine State May Live Up to Its Name”

Here’s a Look at What We’re Reading Today


Duke Energy to Invest $6B for Solar, Batteries and EVs, Scrap Nuclear Plant Plans

Duke Energy Florida filed a revised settlement that lays out a four-year, nearly $6 billion investment into 700 megawatts of solar PV, 50 megawatts of energy storage, 500 electric-vehicle chargers, and smart meters and grid modernization across the state.

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What’s on the Back of My Ballot? What Amendment 4 Is All About

If you vote by mail, then you’ve likely already received your August 30 primary ballot with a proposed amendment to the Florida constitution on the back.  It is Amendment 4, and it is the only amendment on the primary ballot.  (The other amendments will appear on the presidential election ballot in November.)

Amendment 4 allows the Legislature to exempt the value of solar panels and other renewable energy equipment from commercial and industrial property taxes.  Specifically, it exempts solar and renewable energy equipment from ad valorem taxation on tangible personal property and real property. Continue reading “What’s on the Back of My Ballot? What Amendment 4 Is All About”